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About the FOUNDER

  • ARMONITA is the President and Founder of ARMONITA Foundation, ARMONITA Publisher House, ARMONITA Holistic Center, ARMONITA Art Gallery, Member of the World Cosmohumanistique Ligue of Nations (WCLN), Member of International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences (IAELPS).

"Teacher degree" at Universal Tao Center, Thailand; HRD Academy, Italy; "Psychoanalyst in psychoinformatiology", "Cosmoeniougologist", "Psychoinformatiologist predictor" degree", Academy of Cosmohumanism, Ukraine; "Omega Coach", Germany; "Life Coach", "Neuro-Linguistic Programming", "Hypnotic Practitioner", Holland; Qi Gong & Tao Yin & Chi Nei Tsang Master, holistic therapist, inner human resources extreme explorer: total darkness for 21 days x 3 times, Qi Gong post (without food and water) for 21 days, extreme conditions expedition in Sinai Desert, Egypt (50 km/day x 5 days). 







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